Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services are made with one priority: you! Sure, it’s fun to say our marketing expertise is built on magic, but unfortunately, magic doesn’t exist in the real world (…yet). Instead, we strive to make your marketing plan customizable and suited for what you really need in order to grow. No up-selling, no pushy sales pitch, no empty promises. That’s the real magic.

Demand Generation

Eye of newt, a pinch of batwing…Wait, wrong spell book. Demand generation is a lot like combining ingredients together from a spell book to create something amazingly effective for your business.

Email Marketing

Email is so much more than getting something–anything–into your customer’s inbox. There is a finesse in what you create and we’ll make that sparkle and shine.

Social Media Marketing

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the fairest Twitter of them all? But instead of poisoned apples, we can help you through paid advertising and account management. And not just with Twitter, but with your whole suite of social media accounts.

Content Marketing

Make your messaging truly illuminating for your audience. Whether that is through written content, branded graphics, video, or maybe even a combination of various content marketing methods. We will guide and create along the way with you!

Data & Automation

Harness the true potential of your marketing. How? By obtaining the power of deciphering your data and utilizing the magical powers of automating tasks and campaigns in your marketing arsenal.

Consultation & Training

Not looking for digital marketing services in particular, but instead need some general guidance? We’ve got the answers for that, too. Sorcery Marketing offers customized consultations as well as digital marketing training and coaching.

Digital Marketing Strategy

With our extensive experience in digital marketing and your drive to grow your business, let’s work together to find the right answers through our consultation program.

Campaign Optimization

Give your currently running campaigns an extra boost with the help of our campaign optimization consultation. Sometimes an extra set of eyes is all you need to get that “a-ha!” moment.

Online Marketing Training

Look out for our monthly online trainings as well as self-paced courses made for driven business owners and marketers alike.

Sorcery FAQ

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