Is your content strategy feeling more like magic than reality?

Marketing magic, demystified.

Copywriting. Blogs. Newsletters. Emails. Heck, even a simple tweet can feel like a mystery when you’re stuck on what you want out of your content strategy.

That is where Sorcery Marketing comes into the picture. You need better results from your content marketing in the form of snazzy articles, illuminating emails, and engaging imagery. Everything needs to blend together seamlessly to tell the story you need to get out there about your business. Why not have a professional do it who already knows the secrets?

Stephanie Medeiros

Marketing Sorceress

Hi there! I’m the owner of Sorcery Marketing and have over a decade of experience in digital marketing, including extensive experience in content creation and content marketing strategy.

We Offer…

Here’s a sample of the type of content marketing work we do for growing businesses.

Consultation & Strategy

Online Page Content

Content Optimization


White Paper Creation

eCommerce Content Creation

Landing Pages

Visual Content

Mobile Content

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Let’s not get technical! Create up-to-date designs without writing a single line of code. 

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