Digital marketing magic for your growing business.

what we offer:

Marketing Services

You can find services to fit your needs. Whether you just need help with a one-off marketing campaign or managing your entire marketing strategy.


Gain better insight into what marketing strategies will work for your business with one-on-one expertise through our consulting and coaching.


Have an internal team looking to up their marketing skills? Or maybe you’re a business owner that would like to learn the ropes of digital marketing? Whatever the case, we offer personalized digital marketing training.

What’s this about?

Digital marketing, demystified.

Sorcery Marketing is a digital marketing boutique providing expert services, personalized consultancy and customized marketing training.

Let’s talk marketing, shall we?

Use the calendar below to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. Be prepared to talk about your current marketing strategy and what potentially you’re looking to change or need help with. We can also discover this together through our consultation.